Friday, October 3, 2008

Last Night Debate Night

I watched the V.P. debates last night and am very happy with the way Joe Biden answered the questions put to him by Gwen. There is no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden is ready to be President if the need may arise. I know now that Sarah Palin is not.

I look at the Vice President in this way. Right after the planes hit the Trade Centers and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, Bush was in the sky on a plane unable to be reached. It was V.P. Cheney who was in the Situation Bunker making the decisions to or not to take down the other commercial planes in the air with fighter jets. Is Biden and Palin both ready to make that decision if the need may arise again? I don't think Palin is.

I admit that I have supported Barack since the start of his campaign. But I was unsure about Joe Biden. He shot some harsh zingers at Obama during the primaries,i.e. Unfit for Duty, etc., and it has been hard to let them go. The Joe Biden I saw last nigh was a passionate Obama supporter that has a grasp on foreign policy. All I saw in Gov. Palin was a candidate who can memorize a script, although not very well. After all she was a wanna-be-journalist at one time.

But I do give Palin credit on one point. She knows how to manipulate and I fear her style may be effective. Anytime she is backed into a corner with a hard question, she turns on that charm and with a wink and a smile she confuses the listener by talking in circles. Biden gets passionate and goes for the facts.

But this is America, and we don't like facts or being confronted with hard truths during political debates. It comes down to style. This is Palins strong suit, and Biden just comes across as to political and boring.

So in the end I give Obama/Biden 2 points for command of issues, McCain/ Palin 2 points on style, call it a draw and move on.

The next debates are on Tuesday night, OBAMA vs. McCAIN!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

If Only...

This photo from Chris Cunnane.

Evening Chem-trails over Illinios Suburbia.

Evening Chem-trails over Illinios Suburbia.

How to get people to read MY blog?

Add Interesting Photos. This creates an audience because we are all very visual creatures. Look at that strange cloud formation. Wierd huh?